DSK MOU Call Notes

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DSK = Community Media Difficult Starter Kit (https://www.drupal.org/project/cm_starterkit_difficult)

MOU = Memorandum of Understanding (involving channelAustin, Portland Community Media, Manhattan Neighborhood Network)

On the call = Stefan Wray (cA), Aric Ruble (PCM), Craig Sinclair (MNN), Kevin Reynen (A Little Help Hosting), Mark Libkuman (Open Flows)

We decided need to upgrade DSK beta 5 to have latest version of CiviCRM (4.4.6) because of security updates (https://civicrm.org/blogs/totten/security-releases-446-4217lts)

All 3 stations will upgrade live sites to latest DSK beta 5 before the next DSK MOU call in 2 weeks.

Any new issues will be tagged for beta6

See here for explanation about tagging https://www.drupal.org/node/2259069

Goal is to finish cmd-release-blocker issues before next call now that people are back from vacations


Upgrades to CM Starter Kit Pantheon Distribution

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Hey Stefan,
Appreciate the update. Just some clarification please, will the upgrade to your live sites allow for upgrades to the CM Starter Kit Distribution on Pantheon? And if so, when?


That's not really a question

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That's not really a question for Stefan. While the staff at the MoU organizations (channelAustin, PCM, and MNN) are now driving the release cycle for the DSK, the process of getting the matching releases pushed to Pantheon is still an A Little Help Hosting issue. The process I use is to test the dev snapshot of the build on the dev instance of an individual Pantheon site first by updating just the profiles directory. If everything is working well, then I'll push the tagged release to https://github.com/cmdrupal/cm-starterkit-drops-7. That's when the Pantheon dashboards will show that there are upstream updates available. As soon a the updated distribution is available on Pantheon, I'll test a clean install as well.

The entire process from patch for an issue -> module level update -> module level testing -> starter kit update -> dev snapshot -> MoU testing -> tagged release -> release available on Pantheon can take several months, but the to get from dev snapshot -> MoU testing -> tagged release -> release available on Pantheon should take less than 48 hours if all of the packaging services on Drupal.org and Pantheon are working properly.

With each release, the hope is that since the organizations using the DSK are using more modules and more complicated configurations that what's included in the ESK or MSK that any issues in the update would have already been identified by the MoU organizations during their testing, but that is just a hope. There is no way that anyone can test every possible module combination or configuration. So every organization using Pantheon still needs to the update on their test or dev instance before pushing the changes to their live site.

If you find an issue, the process is the same as it has always been. If you think you know which module is the cause of the issue and want to wait for the normal Drupal process to take it's course, you can open an issue directly on Drupal.org. If you are unsure what's causing the issue or want it resolved immediately, open the issue on Unfuddled. If the issue is related to code in the starter kit update, a new issue will be opened on Drupal.org with a patch and the patched version of the module will be added to your sites/all/modules directory. This will the show up in the Profile Status Check.

If everything goes as planned, the next ESK or MSK release will include that fix in the module which will allow you to remove the override form sites/all.

The Community Media Starter Kit distributions are still in private beta on Pantheon, but if we can close out the 12 remaining cmd-release-blocker issues during the beta6 cycle, we'll make that distribution public so that everyone can use it. This will hopefully increase the number of people contributing and not just the number using the start kits.

We're hoping to get that done before the ACM conference and PhillyCAM's CMDrupal Meetup, but whether or not that happens will depend on how many people contribute time writing and testing code as well as contributing to documentation.

I know there is at least one issue you opened that has been updated to "Needs review". Getting that along with any help or feedback about any of the cmd tagged issue will help keep the process moving forward.


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Appreciate the clarification. I certainly didn't think the MoU group would be in the "code trenches", but your explanation helps make the process more clear.


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Thanks kreynen for addressing soniat's question to me.