Newbie Drupal Sister Intro and All Women Dev Project Idea

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Hello Drupal sisters!

Thought I'd briefly introduce myself to the women of Drupal team. (Newbie that I am, I hope this is the right place to do that! If this isn't the right thread,please let me know . . .)

I am a longtime tech enthusiast and nerd dating back to my first computer, an Apple Iie. (That means Ive been around the block few times . . . ) I was a tv journalist investigative reporter for my first career using computer assisted research and data analytics. I left tv and founded an executive search firm The Good Search and a recruiting research firm Intellerai I've recruited top execs and technologists to leading VC backed startups and tech firms for the past 15 years. I have worked in a number of diversity talent initiatives for leading Fortune 100 companies ... So I have some insights to share on the lack of women diversity in tech and what's been tried to fix it. I'd be glad to offer advice and support on ways to increase women in Drupal.

I'm also developing a web app on the Drupal platform to fix what's broken about recruiting and career management, while creating a virtual meritocracy. Of course, I'm trying to get a workable prototype bootstrapped in all that spare time I have ;-) The good news is a few Fortune 100 clients want to see this get built.

So I wonder if there's a way I can advise on ways to raise the profile of Drupal women / growing the % and wonder if there might be women Drupalers out there who might want to see if we can actually build this thing to see if it takes off. Some people far smarter than I am tell me this is a very big idea. If you're interest in getting involved -- sweat equity to start --I'd love to hear from you.

It would be cool to assemble a dream team of women a little like the way Beyoncé has an all female band. I would live to build something revolutionary to demonstrate what women are capable of . . .as an idea.

I look forward to your thoughts and to supporting your good efforts.

Krista Bradford
CEO The Good Search | Intellerati and 203-539-0847


Bring on the ideas!

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If you have ideas about how to increase the ranks of women in Drupal, this would be a great place to start the discussion (I'd suggest starting a new topic). This forum is not all that active, but there are a lot of people who lurk and watch (831 members?!?), so if you start a focused discussion about this topic, probably people will join in.

Welcome Krista :)

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This is totally the right place for introductions. Welcome to the DrupalVerse Krista!

There's a bit of a talent shortage in our corner of the universe, so it makes sense to explore how we might swell the ranks - and looking at who is under-represented here is a great start.

I see you've taken @jhodgdon's suggestion of starting a new thread on this topic - I'll respond there.


Donna Benjamin
Board Member Drupal Association