Meeting Topic: What's your "Story"? (Agilelistically speaking)

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In my "Agile" project management world, I have replaced the word "Story" with Challenge.

Since I have only attended 3 or 4 meetings over the last 2 years, I was wondering if you have ever tried/considered having a member (or members) present what I would call the challenge of the month?

This could be anything from a Drupal Internalists "How do we help get Drupal 8 completed?" to a novice asking "How do I do/fix this in Drupal?"

Personally I have 2 projects that I can't seem to get off the ground and I would love to get the group's insight as to "Is this a job for Drupal? and if so what's the best design for this Drupal implementation?"

In keeping with an Agile approach, previous challenges could be reviewed/updated at each monthly meeting and new ones added.
If there exists a Drupal Based AGILE project management system, we could use it to collect and monitor the challenges both inside and outside of the meeting. If not...I could offer it as a challenge... "Is AGILE Project Management a job for Drupal? and if so what's the best design for this Drupal implementation?"

Let me know if this resonates.

Barry Lindstrom
Galactic Systems Janitor (certifiable)


Sounds Interesting

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From where I sit right now. This is a good idea. Would it get me to the meetings? Maybe . . . .

I like

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I'm all for sharing problems and solutions with the group. In fact, I think it should be a primary focus.


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As msypes pointed out, sharing within your group can lead to some really interesting discussions; you may get a answers to a number of questions you didn't even know you had this way. That said, you probably want to restrict the amount of time devoted to this kind of 'blue-skying' to make sure it doesn't take over your whole meeting. A group leader who can give the meeting some focus will help here.

Try it -- you'll like it!!


We have this kind of meeting

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We have this kind of meeting all the time. Tonight's Downtown Drupal Meetup had a featured presentation and didn't leave much time for everyone's "challenge" but our organizers did lay the groundwork for us to follow up with everyone.

Several attendees (three who spoke up, as I recall) are accomplished developers and are looking for new projects. Two others (myself included) are hiring for an Agile Project Manager.

Our featured presentation was from Mike Haggerty at Trellon, who gave us a walkthrough of AbleOrganizer. This is the fundraising and event management system that he presented on earlier this year at GLADCamp (Greater Los Angeles Drupal Camp), where Trellon was a featured Platinum sponsor.

In the meantime, please consider joining the Greater Los Angeles Drupal Group at where we have a lot of engaged Drupal community members. We also have between 5-10 events each month, so we're probably the most active Drupal user group in Southern California — if not the world.

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