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Im new to drupal, and i want to create a full HTML5/CSS3 site, what modules and tools do i need to work with to do that or are the three listed tools in this group enough?


It is about theming

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If your goal is to use a well defined Front-End through HTML5/CSS3 over complex functionality website, then you are talking about the Front-End so Visual part of the Website.

Probably you want to use these technologies to develop a RWD* Website. So the most important should be "What theme should I use?" and tools/strategies for a nice Theming/Front-end.

You can find a comprehensive list of HTML5 based themes:

Personally I recommend to use Omega theme + SASS (With Compass framework). It defaults to HTML5/CSS3 & Responsive. Get an eye as well into:

  • Responsive Web Design.

You tell us you are new to D7 s before begin to develop firstly read: <-- Beginning Drupal 7 (Beginner) <-- Drupal 7 Foundation (Intermediate) <-- Pro Drupal 7 Development (Expert)

There are plenty of nice video-tutorials as well:

Good luck.

Raül Rodríguez Cabestany
Software Engineer

thank you this was really

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thank you this was really helpful


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