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Below a short description of this year's presentations and speakers. Schedule

Daniel Wehner - Views 3

With Views 3 there was a chance to clean up the code a bit and implement cool new features. For example group-by support or OR.

Daniel Wehner is a Physics student in Tuebingen (Germany). In a parallel universe he is web developer for a the well known German Drupal-agency Erdfisch. He is involved in the German and the Views issue queues.

Matthias Vandermaesen - AHAH crash course

Implementing AHAH (Asynchronous HTML and HTTP) requires some Form API voodoo to get it done right. At first instance it can be hard to get a grasp at the concepts of AHAH. If you're a novice to AHAH, it's really easy to implement it wrong and hurt the Form API. Wim Leers' AHAH helper module simplifies the implementation and with his Hierarchical Select module AHAH can be taken even further. This presentation wraps up everything AHAH.

Matthias Vandermaesen is a Drupal ninja at Krimson Drupal Architects ( He studied History and Computer Science at the University of Ghent. As a long time blogger, he started out in Wordpress development before discovering Drupal.

Simon Elliot - Designing for mobile devices

Practical presentation on making a mobile device friendly version of your Drupal site. The presentation is non-technical, and covers mainly configuration and a little bit of css.

Based in Normandy, France, Simon is a freelance Drupaleer, he is very involved with the French Drupal community. He has made presentations at DrupalCamp Cologne, DrupalCamp Louvaine le Neuve (Belgium), DrupalCamp Lyon and contributed in a 48hr NGO project where 40 devs and themers built a drupal site for a good cause.

Roel de Meester - How to setup the perfect development environment

Presentation on how to setup the perfect development environment for Drupal on Ubuntu including svn, drush, eclipse, debugging and database sharing.

Roel De Meester is an all-round software developer with a strong knowledge of enterprise design patterns. With his background in .Net, Java and PHP, gathered from various projects in medical, financial and marketing industry, he is challenged by complex (web) projects. In Drupal he discovered a very flexible and modular Framework with a great future. His interest in Drupal and it's friendly community made him become a very active contributor in the Belgian Drupal scene. Roel is the co-founder of Krimson, a company of Drupal Architects in Antwerp. He is father of three - openminded - helpful and Open Source Evangelist in general.

Károly Négyesi - What's new in Drupal 7

What is there to look forward to in Drupal 7, and when can we have it? Learn about CCK-like fields in core, the new testing framework, PDO Database backend, OPML imports, improved time zone support, better file handling, safety from badgers, and the free ponies for everyone. This will be a tour of the user facing and developer oriented features and changes that will make Drupal 7 hot.

Károly Négyesi, better known in Drupal circles as chx, is a core developer since 2004 and developer team lead of NowPublic. He currently maintains (and written significant parts of) the form API subsystem and the menu subsytem. The community sometimes accuses him of not sleeping to which he answered "I code core to be high without resorting to harmful drugs". Thus the community think he can not be distracted and runs which he finds very amusing.

Wim Leers - Front end performance

In this presentation on page loading performance Wim continues where he left off last year. He recently finished his bachelor thesis about this subject. In the presentation he explains what the current state is, and what the next steps are to make Drupal lead in page loading performance.

Wim Leers is freelance Drupal developer and master student in Computer Science at the University of Hasselt. After doing his bachelor thesis on improving Drupal's page loading performance, and CDN integration in particular, he now plans his master thesis to be about "Web Performance Optimization Analytics". Wim is famous for the Hierarchical Select module, a handy and handsome term selection widget.

Dieter de Waele - The eID module

The eID is the Belgian electronic identity card. The company Coworks is currently building a module to register and login on a Drupal environment with the eID card. There is still hard developing work to be done and there is no release yet. ( Dieter will give an overview of the module.

Dieter de Waele is web developer at Coworks a company specialized in Drupal and Ubercart solutions.

Robert Douglass - Apache Solr and state-of-the-art search techniques

The Apache Solr module integrates Drupal with the Apache Solr search platform. Solr search can be used as a replacement for core content search and boasts both extra features and better performance. Among the extra features is the ability to have faceted search on facets ranging from content author to taxonomy to arbitrary CCK fields.

Robert Douglass is Senior Drupal Advisor at Acquia. Robert’s Drupal adventure started in 2003. Along the way he co-authored the first book published about Drupal, was technical editor of Pro Drupal Development, became the maintainer of numerous modules, and organized Drupal’s “Google Summer of Code” involvement. Robert loves classical music and open source software dearly, and looks to each as a source for motivation and optimism.

Florian Lorétan - Upgrading

Where do you start when upgrading a website with an active community around it? How do you preserve the data for thousands of users and nodes? How do you move away from obsolete modules? How do you limit downtime to a few hours? These are common questions we have to answer when upgrading websites from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6 and adding new functionality on top of it!

Florian Lorétan is a web developer, a musician and an open-source advocate. As a Drupal specialist, he helps clients with migration, deployment, custom development, custom theming, optimization, developer training and integration with third-party services. He is an active a member of the Drupal development community. Originally from the French-speaking part of Switzerland, he lived for a few years in the United States and is now based in Munich, Germany.

Kristof van Tomme - Drupal and the semantic web

As of Drupal 7 will use RDFa markup in core, in this session I will:
* explain what the implications are of this and why this matters
* give a short introduction to the Semantic web, RDF, RDFa and SPARQL in human language
* give a short overview of the RDF modules that are available in contrib
* talk about some of the potential use cases of all these magical technologies

Kristof Van Tomme is one of the two founders of Pronovix. He's got a degree in Bio-engineering and made his first Drupal site in the tech
transfer office of Szeged, Hungary. Kristof started an introductory Drupal course at the University of Szeged and was initiator and
co-lead for Drupalcon Szeged in 2008. As a permanent member of the Drupal Association Kristof is the lead of the selection task force for
European Drupalcons.