Questions related to Feeds and Shows

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I have some questions related to Feeds and Shows.

For those of you using Youtube, how are you putting the Youtube videos on your site? Are you using a feeds importer for that, doing it manually, or another approach? Google shut down individual RSS feeds from youtube, but I see that there's an alternate feed still available (i.e. but I haven't played with it yet.
At Amherst Media, we have been using to archive our shows online as well as for embeds on our site. One thing we've noticed is that the derivations can take a long time to process and we get very impatient townfolk wanting to view the videos online. For high demand videos, we have been manually adding the video URLs ourselves, but that's not the best approach. What's your approach?

Show VOD Weighting
Is there a way to have Show VOD prioritize different sources? So, for instance, we put up a video on both Youtube and or (as I'm thinking) using Tightrope VOD for immediate content and then, when the file is removed from the VOD server, falling back to

If this is something that is currently doable, what is your process? If it's something that is currently not doable and would would require development work, how do you see this functionality being added?


We were using YouTube for

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We were using YouTube for VODs (but have now moved to Swedish streaming host Solidtango as a CDN). To import YouTube videos to Drupal we used a Feeds Importer and Feeds OAuth module, to use the OAuth fetcher for the Feeds importer (to access parameters like such that are not available in the public feed), and media_youtube to be able to use the YouTube Media parser.

I don't remember the exact steps we had to do to setup OAuth authorization with our YouTube account, but could possibly find more about that if needed.

This way we got the YouTube videos as files, but still had to manually connect them to their show node, although it should be possible to do this manually in case there is something matching on both sides, like a similar unique tag.

Currently though, we import VODs from Solidtango via JSON and thinking of a way to autoamtically connect the video file to its show now node via tags.

As for prioritizing VOD sources, it's an interesting idea! Particularly now that we are moving old VODs from YouTube to Solidtango. If the show nodes automatically can use Solidtango instead of YouTube once it's available there, we don't have to do that update manually. How though, is just a much a question for me :)

We have dusted off our

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We have dusted off our Tightrope VOD server for use, so the question of prioritizing feed sources is rising up again. The first day after a government meeting is usually the highest demand, but long meetings can take a full day of waiting for's derivative processing.

@westis, with your Solidtango work, have you made progress on this aspect?

We used an early version of

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We used an early version of CM Agenda for a city council meeting last week. On Feb 25 we have the next one, which we need a fairly ready solution for. So in terms of CM Agenda, work is progressing fast. But financial assistance would be helpful to make it more generic for other use cases.

In terms of using Solidtango as CDN for this, there's still discussion going on about the Javascript API to adapt it to PopcornJS.

Have you considered using YouTube? For government meetings, without any music, it's a good option to get both live transcoding to serve highest possible quality to each user, and to get a VOD quickly after the meeting.