D8 Module porting Sprint

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2014-11-15 10:00 - 18:00 Asia/Kolkata
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Pune DRUpal Group (PuneDRUG) did an awesome job at the Drupal8 porting spring held on 12th October.

Outcome of the previous sprint:
D8 release for the following 2 modules:

Thanks to Dipen for the blog post on the previous code sprint Drupal8 module porting sprint.

Lets keep up the good work going. Pune DRUpal Group (PuneDRUG) is planning its next porting sprint to be held at QED42 office on 15th November, 2014. We might have distributed teams working from other workplaces as well(Details will be posted soon). Feel free to join the teams closer to your place.


  • Review the ported code for Grassroot Intrests and Advance Clock: This would be helpful to people joining in the sprint for the first time and give them an idea about how D8 works.
  • Porting of Date submodules.


D8 Module upgrader

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Should we also do a demo of Drupal module upgrader and maybe we can use it for some of the porting tasks in the coming sprint?

Dipen Chaudhary
Founder, QED42 http://www.qed42.com Drupal development

Session on hangout as well

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There will be a introductory session on module porting by piyuesh23, where he will explain the procedure which is generally followed while porting the module.
The two modules which were ported in earlier sprint (Time Spent, and Social Stats) would be taken as an example for the session.

The session will be available on hangout. Link:

And the communication would be happening at #drupal-in channel on freenode network on IRC.

It would start at 10:30 am IST.

Hey Ajit, can you update the

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Hey Ajit, can you update the link to hangout. Looks the the link is missing..

Tanay Sai
skype: tanay.co.in

Updated. Couldn't add it as a

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Updated. Couldn't add it as a link though.

It is showing "This video call is full."

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It is showing "This video call is full."

Thanks Piyuesh.....

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Thanks Piyuesh for these great piece of information.