Configure editors

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One cannot configure YUI to enable the image upload, as is possible with YUI outside WYSIWYG, as mentioned in

Am I right to say that configuring an editor is limited to the (common) configure options of the WYSIWYG module,
making all information/discussion on the individual configuration options outdated?


At the moment, yes

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Wysiwyg module originally only supported TinyMCE and the profile page is currently limited to those options and used for all editors. We have an issue in the queue about allowing advanced settings to be configured, which will be a major part of Wysiwyg 3.0. It should then be possible to customize the profile page to suit each editor better as well as allow as many settings as possible to be configured without having to edit files.
We have not focused specifially on making the bundled file uploaders/managers work because they do not integrate well with how Drupal handles files. There are some other modules working that issue and they should eventually be able to provide a plugin for integration with the editors.

Thewysiwyg_imageupload module

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Thewysiwyg_imageupload module should work with YUI, as its cross editor using the WYSIWYG API

You can see a videocast here, to see the module in action

it should but…

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Hello Eugen, first, thank you for the module.
You say it should but here I can't get it working and here may be an explanation why :
I see in the video that your module should be using IMCE image browser capabilities for handling images uploads so that's should be why it shouldn't be working with YUI (i.e. not having the image browser option in the input format wysiwyg editor configuration panel). Afaik YUI is not relying on IMCE for images (I may or should be wrong, maybe there are some kind of glue code or bridge somewhere?) while CKEditor, FCKeditor, TinyMCE are. I wonder why IMCE and IMCE wysiwyg Bridge modules are not required for wysiwyg image upload module? shouldn't they be?
Anyway, having IMCE in YUI, somehow defeat the simplicity that often people choose YUI for. What should be great would be to have YUI looks like YUI… but that should be beyond the scope of your module, I guess YUI in wysiwyg should be a side effect of making it an interface for common rich text editors integration (which is btw a great thing)?
Maybe you could confirm all this?
I read somewhere people using YUI module should switch to wysiwyg…

Looks like there is no support for YUI in IMCE wysiwyg bridge yet.
Better using YUI modules with IMCE or yui self image upload javascript thingy (which wysiwyg image options interface pretty looks like, slighty less nice though -for example : text instead of "international" images for layout options-).

WYsiwyg image upload

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Well after some more investigation, TwoD the maintainer of WYSIWYG told me, that YUI support is not complete. The wrapper / interface is not build yet. So as WYSIWYG is not supporting YUI wysiwyg image upload is not supported either.

WYSIWYG image upload does not need IMCE or IMCE bridge as it fully utilizes the WYSIYG api and does not need anythign else.

You can let WYSIWYG image upload look like the YUI dialogs as jquery ui themes are supported, so you simply chose the same color scheme there and it will look pretty similar.

The YUI image upload dialog is, as you told, pretty nice. Iam sure i will follow there path and include e.g. such images for text floating and so fort. But on the other side, you done have imagecache support there.

imagecache presets are working with YUI image upload

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imagecache presets are working with yui image upload. I got a nice dropdown menu call "size" where imagecache presets automagically appear.

Oh thats new. And are you

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Oh thats new. And are you able to configure which presets are allowed in the editor? Because in a productive site, you will have plenty ..

Are you use WYSIWYG + YUI or some standalone?

pretty old for me ^^

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It was on a last year project, YUI module + YUI rich text editor module, may be custom code, I remember having a look at some yui image uploader js hack file. For image caches profile I had them working both based on user role and content type, I used 3 image caches profiles on the web site. Usually there is no need for too many image caches profiles imo but well depend on how, who and what you are working on/with. But I don't remember hacking anything for image cache, I remember it working like that out of the box (but I may mistaken though).

[edit] there should have been some hacks, taking the status of the drupal YUI module code at that time (bet it should be worse now, maybe why all is it hit and miss with it).
I checked YUI editor code and all was there back in 2008 !