How can I link a user to taxonomy terms?

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I applaud the brilliant idea of turning user profiles as nodes! I think it is just what I need, but I am having difficulties proving it.

I desperately want to associate users with taxonomy terms. I also want overviews based on this association, like:
What are the taxonomy terms for a particular user?
What users belong to a certain taxonomy term?
List all users with an array of taxonomy terms
See the taxonomy tree (like in taxonomy_dhtml) with an array of associated users

I understand that I can use nodeprofile, nodefamily and usernode to at least make the association between users and taxonomy terms, but I have not yet been able to achieve this. I have user nodes now, they were created automatically by the usernode module. But how can I make it possible for users to relate themselves with taxonomy terms? Can anyone explain what I should do or maybe just give me a hint?



By the way, I use Drupal 5.1.


How typical! After posting

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How typical! After posting the above article I found out that I have to go to admin/content/taxonomy to associate a taxonomy category with usernodes. Oh well... I hope my other wishes will be granted too!

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Is it possible to automatically asign a taxonomy term to a usernode when the usernode is created? Ideally I'd like to assign the tax term based on the user's role. This would be helpful in locking down who can see what usernode's and for user searching too.

Hi, I've done this (assigned

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I've done this (assigned a vocabulary to usernode) but it doesn't show up when I go to edit a user! :-(
Any suggestions?



I used CCK Taxonomy and CCK

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I used CCK Taxonomy and CCK Taxonomy Super Select Ultra for this.

For example, I set up a vocabulary for Languages, and added English, French, etc as terms. I then on my User Profile content type added the CCK field to link back to the taxonomy.


Content profile for D6

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It looks like the way to go is
Then you can treat user info as nodes, have taxonomy, views, and other tools.

Also this module, at least

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Also this module, at least for D6:

How to implement the user

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How to implement the user terms module (Drupal6) functionalities in Drupal7 ?