Import DITA with "Import HTML" module

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I've successfully imported the "Growing Flowers" example from the DITA sample files that come with oXygen using the DITA XHTML to Simple HTML XSLT template. The DITA XML files have been transformed to XHTML for importing.


Detailed instructions will follow.


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Explain the steps to convert ditamap files to drupal nodes

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Hi Frank,

I am new to DITAMAP concepts.
I have downloaded the import html module and I have DITA map files and corresponding XML files. Can you explain the steps to convert as drupal nodes.
You mentioned 'Growing Flowers' imported into drupal nodes. Should I convert my xml files to XHTML first and import nodes?

Thanks in advance

Santhanaraj R

DITA to XHTML as import format

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Hi Santhanaraj,

Thanks for your request. Yes, you have to transform your DITA files to XHTML first before you can use them as input for the Import HTML module.