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I'm an up and coming Drupal developer looking for a regular monthly meetup to call home. I'm currently enrolled in Mike Anello's DrupalEasy Career Online. Four weeks till graduation! I'd love to grow my skills and network in the Nashville area. I'd be more than happy to help organize and/or contribute in some way to the effort.


I'm also interested in

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I'm also interested in getting more involved and helping the Drupal community in Tennessee grow. I'll reach out to via Twitter (

Sounds good. Thanks for the

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Sounds good. Thanks for the response.


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Also, be sure to drop by the IRC channel! #drupal-tn on Not many folk in there right now but I would like to see it grow as it can be a very helpful median to help the Tennessee Drupal Group grow.

Thanks for the info & the

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Thanks for the info & the invite.

Nashville, Tennessee

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