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Um ano de meetups no Meetup.com

Faz hoje um ano que começamos o grupo de Meetups do Drupal Portugal no Meetup.com e hoje em dia contamos com 72 drupalistas! Agradecemos a todos os que participaram e contribuíram para o continuo desenvolvimento da comunidade =)

Tens uma ideia para próximos eventos? Gostarias de ajudar na organização dos meetups? Ou de contribuir ou patrocinar a organização com snacks e outros custos dos meetups?

Contacta-nos! https://www.meetup.com/drupalportugal

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Drupal Shanghai Meetup 回顾-2016.06.04




13:30 ~ 14:20 No.1 分享 How to Learn Drupal 8? -Freedom_GAO
14:30 ~ 15:10 No.3 关于前端自动化 -源泉

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Organizovanje lokalnog sastanka u Nisu

Pozdrav ljudi,

Ukoliko postoji interesovanje za organizovanje lokalnog sastanka (u Nišu) poštovaoca Drupala, moja firma bi organizovala takvo jedno druženje.

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Weekly Drupal Meeting - Sunday 1pm - Seattle

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Calling all Drupal developers in Ventura County

On Saturday night, GeneralConsensus and I had an informal Ventura Drupal meetup. As far as we know, we are the only Drupalistas in west (and possibly all) Ventura County. We'd love to connect with more of you out there if you are around.

We both have years of Drupal experience and would be happy to share what we know with others interested in Drupal in the area. We'd also be interested in learning from others.

If you're interested in meeting up, leave a comment on this post and we can organize a meetup.

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Weekly Drupal Meeting - Sunday March 6, 1pm - Seattle

Presentation: An Information Architect's Guide to Drupal
Signup http://www.meetup.com/Seattle-Drupal-Meetup/events/229206996/

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Weekly Drupal Meeting - Sunday Feb-14 1pm - Seattle

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八月DRUPAL广州同好聚会小结 /Augest GuangZhou Durpal Meetup


聚会时间:2015年8月29日 14:00-17:30



聚会地点:广州tit创意园 A6 205

再次感谢: 互动大师(www.vxplo.cn)提供支持



photo by 凌空一击



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Nashville Monthly Meetup

I'm an up and coming Drupal developer looking for a regular monthly meetup to call home. I'm currently enrolled in Mike Anello's DrupalEasy Career Online. Four weeks till graduation! I'd love to grow my skills and network in the Nashville area. I'd be more than happy to help organize and/or contribute in some way to the effort.

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Drupal Delhi Monthly Meetup Organizers

Hello Drupalers,

We have created a group for Drupal Monthly Meetup organizers (For NCR).
In order to keep the momentum, it is suggested that every month we keep on circulating the venue for meetup within organizing companies. If your company wants to volunteer for these meetup, please post the month for which you wish to organize meetup in your company. Meetup should be announced at the starting of every month.

We have created a slack channel for better communication. Please share your email id in case you want join Core Committee.

List of Core Committee Members :

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