Pacific NW Drupal Summit - Seattle - Oct 2015

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2015-10-10 09:00 - 2015-10-11 17:00 America/Los_Angeles
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Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

2015 Pacific NW Drupal Summit
UW Seattle Campus - Oct 10-11
Registration opened July 21
Reserve hotel room ASAP
Sessions opened August 14

Hotel Deca room details:
Registration began July 21, 2015 on event web site
Event web site:
Drupal Event Organization: More details
Organized by:
Twitter tag: #pnwds
Twitter follow: @drupalsummit
Facebook: PacificNWDrupalSummit IRC: #drupal-pnw
* Download information sheet:
* Email for more details


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Hotel Deca Room Reservations for PNWDS - Seattle - October 10-11
* Group room rate: $159+tax
* Group Jr Suite rate: $169+tax (reserve by email of phone)
* Group code: Drupal2015
* Reservations number: 800-899-0251
* Reservations email address:
* Reservations online: Arrive Oct 9; Depart Oct 11 (You can change departure to Oct 12)
* Reservation cancellations are allowed up to 3 days in advance. Any cancellations within the 2-day span will be automatically charged for 1-night, no exceptions.
Reserve Early. Hotel Deca will take back all unbooked reserved rooms 09-Sept-2015. (Discounts will continue as long as rooms are available.)

For Summit registration and session submissions, go to

Updated 15-Aug-2015

Has the CFP started?

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Has the CFP started?

2015 PNWDS Session Submissions

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Session submissions opened 8/14.
Details here:

Mentored Core Sprints?

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Will there be mentored core sprints this year? I have some folks coming from Olympia who are interested on Friday.

2015 PNWDS Mentored Core Sprint

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We haven't scheduled BoFs or Sprints yet.

We have a coding lounge reserved at Hotel Deca open continuously from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening in the Regent Room

There is a Friday social/game night in nearby Governor Room.

Saturday Night is a Party Night at The Garage

Here is a schedule overview:

I will query the summit committee for ideas on when/where to promote a mentored core sprint.

Stay tuned.

Coder lounge hours?

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Um. This page
says the coder lounge starts at 6 AM on Friday. But this one:
says it starts at 6pm Friday at one spot, and 6am Friday at another spot.

Which is it?

Also can I suggest making a Google sheet for sprints, rather than suggesting people post sprints here? A spreadsheet like the ones that DrupalCon uses is much easier to deal with.

Regarding a Core sprint, if you want to have a mentored core sprint you'll need to have mentors. ;)

Suggestions followup

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I recorded you ideas on Basecamp.
Google sprint spreadsheet - I already brought that up once and added it to the Programming To Do List and included the Mentors issue.

I asked Robert to nail down the open time for the Coding Lounge. We were working with estimates for "All day"

The other issue about missing 2014 links is on the To Do list, but is postponed due to complications of COD OG architecture. Acquia is hosting 2014 and 2015. Previous years were on Pantheon.

The priority for the week is getting sessions finalized.

Thanks for you keen eye comments.



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Obviously, we're all volunteers around here... thanks for all the great work!

Hotel Deca Coding Lounge hours

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Hotel Deca Coding Lounge hours
Open continuously from Noon Friday to 6PM Sunday.
If room is closed, request access at front desk.

Updated here:
and here

Code Sprints...

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There will be code sprints at this year's PNWDS. During the conference, they will be at the venue in either an additional room or (more likely) a designated space in the open atrium area. We will have mentors to assist new contributors and a core maintainer on hand to help both new and seasoned contributors get the most out of their time.

Details are in flux and will be posted here and on the PNWDS site when they are solidified. Expect supported sprinting on Sat/Sun with the possibility of extended sprints on Friday if there is budget/personnel/volunteers/interest.

Who knows, maybe RC1 will be released during PNWDS! :)

Reposting Code Sprints on Web Site

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I am reposting code sprints here
until we have a better process.


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Even DrupalCon uses a Google Sheets spreadsheet for managing sprints... just a suggestion.

Google signup sheet for 2015 pnwds sprints

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There is a link to sprint signup sheet here by mikeker

Another signup was setup by metzlerd on Sept 17th

I asked mikeker to coordinate sprint schedules.
Signup in both places if you are interested in a Friday sprint.

Direct link...

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Direct link to the sprint signup page is here:

Details about the sprint can be found on the PNWDS site:

Hope to see you there, Jennifer!

As of today, I'm getting a

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As of today, I'm getting a page not found error when I try to access the signup spreadsheet.

I believe it's an issue with

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I believe it's an issue with Google.

I noticed the 2015 site has

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I noticed the 2015 site has reused the 2014 website which is great, but I believe the 2014 site is taken down. Perhaps on accident? Is it possible that we have a backup of the 2014 site?

The 2012 and 2013 sites are both still up. It's only the 2014 site and presentations that are gone. I'd be willing to do the leg work to set up a new site for 2014 from the backup and do the security updates if someone has access to a backup.

2014 site

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Hi Greg,

It's not really down per se, but there are some issues with the display due to hosting them both in COD. I will get you in touch with Jakob to sort it all out. Definitely a work in progress if we want to use this model going forward!