Now Hiring: Web Developer with Drupal experience in Franklin, TN

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NC2 Media, a cutting edge innovation technology company, and parent company to OutWildTV, Lonely Planet, and more, is looking for a Web Developer. Our Web Developer will be responsible for all aspects of site development, enhancing website functionality and building a seamless user experience. This role will have a tremendous amount of opportunity for growth as our company, and those under the umbrella, expand. They will work closely with members of our innovation lab and development teams, so being able to take direction and communicate effectively is a must. Our candidate will fearlessly take the lead when it comes to developing new features, launching projects, and maintaining mission critical systems by resolving problems quickly and accurately. If you are a fast thinker that is passionate about industry trends and building amazing products, then we want to hear from you.

You’re our Web Developer if you:

Possess exceptional communication, time management and relationship-building skills

Have previously led the overall development process including; site updates, maintenance and custom solutions.

Knowledge of QA testing for cross-browser, cross platform, and cross-device compatibility for inconsistencies

Constantly on top of web trends and willing to go the extra mile to figure something out

Ability to multitask - You’ll be working on multiple projects for a myriad of different companies and products!

Experienced in custom Drupal module development, features and code-based configuration deployment, and an understanding of web application development processes

Can work just as easily independently as you can on a team

Detail-oriented, hyper-organized, and a dedicated self-starter

What our Web Developer needs:

In-depth front-end development experience with eloquent Drupal sites is a MUST

Significant time spent in a wide range of web development technologies and frameworks. Most importantly; PHP, AngularJS, JavaScript, CSS and HTML

Previous work with 3rd party APIs a plus (specifically Geocoding and Map APIs)

Bonus: Experience with Ruby on Rails and/or C#/.Net

Experience with multi-site Drupal installations

Git version control

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If you need a local, independent, Drupal only backend developer with ~10 years of Drupal experience, I'm currently in Nolensville. My rates are 100 / hour for one off work and 80 / hour if you want to purchase in blocks of 20 hours ( ).

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