Drupal Camp Nigeria (DrupalCampNG2015)

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2015-11-20 09:30 - 2015-11-21 06:35 Africa/Lagos
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Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

DrupalCamp Nigeria is an annual, volunteer driven, two-day conference intended to promote the awareness and adoption of the Drupal open-source platform in Nigeria. This conference brings together drupalists, other related open-source practitioners, corporate companies representatives to share their passion for the Drupal project and other open-source technologies.

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Its has been an awesome month with several milestones already covered concerning our Up-Coming DrupalCampNG2015 event. We appreciate everyone that has been involved, directly or indirectly....remotely or physically.
May God reward you!
Our next meeting is scheduled for Sunday August 2nd, 2015.
Time: 3.00pm
Usual Venue: Rhapsody's at Ikeja Shoprite, Lagos.
The Meeting will be technical....in outlook!
We expect to dig deep into everything it takes to host a mega event in Lagos with the aim of mapping a road-map for a successful DrupalCampNG2015.
Maximum attendance is expected.
-->We shall be distributing letterheads for members to print out sponsorship letters. (We expect a full draft from Tunji will be available for review)
-->We shall agree on technical focus of the event.
-->We shall agree on Partnerships with those that have drupal based businesses.
-->We shall agree on Special Invitees/ Keynote addressees.
-->We shall agree on Sessions/ Training schedules.
-->We shall agree on Finance tracking and management....etc.
-->We shall agree on quite a number of things that are still ambiguous.
Please create time and make it a date with us.
We will publish updates and milestones covered already in the cause of the week.
God Bless.

Creating a Niche Drive

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It took just 12 Disciples to radically change the world and placed it upside down..so also it will be with Drupalists in Nigeria as we drastically change the game of pushing Drupal at the fore front of the market. This year will be a great year for Drupal in Nigeria. Let's keep the community growing.

Most definitely going to be at the event. All hands on deck

The future is now

Eastern group

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Please I am new. I want to know if there is a group in the east, because that is where i live.

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