Redesign QA Volunteers

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QA Reviewers February 2010

Assignments will typically be to focus on a task like checking all of the links, review theme/branding for consistency against guidelines, etc across the 22 sections of the new redesign. A full checklist wiki will be published soon.

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QA Assessments January 2010

Sponsor Company Contact Assigned Sections Completed (y/n)
Acquia Jay Batson
Dashboard; Refine your search - themes y; y
BrightBold Kelley Curry
D&E: Modules, D&E: Install Profiles, D&E: Example Module y; y; y
Monsoon Consulting Piyush Poddar
Home, Documentation Index y
Lisa Rex
Download and Extend (D and E), Download and Extend Core y
Bryan Ollendyke
Staging Sites Audit Y
Joaquim Joaquim Documentation y
Kieran Lal
Documentation, Documentation API, Dashboard Widgets, D&E Themes, D&E Theme Engines y, y, y, y, n
Alicia Duffy
(aliciatheduff), Association y
Gerhard Killesreiter Gerhard Killesreiter
Get Involved y
Community IRC y
Artwaves Marco Kleine-Albers
Dashboard, Get Started y
Orchestra Chris Strahl
Community and Support, About y:y
msamye Amye Scavarda
Search y
  David Moore
Get Started y