DruDesk: a brand-new Drupal support service by your old friends!

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Greetings to all Drupal community!

We have some amazing news for you to know! We are giving rise to web development services of a brand-new type by launching our own website support service called DruDesk. It relies on 7 years of experience of InternetDevels Company.

What does DruDesk do?

The new service deals exclusively with the support and maintenance of existing web projects. DruDesk offers a wide range of services: improvements, changes, new feature development, core and module updates, emergency help, testing and much more.

How does DruDesk work?

Everything is very easy:
- Select the best pricing package on DruDesk site
- Tell the support team about all your wishes and requirements
- Enjoy your life! As well as the smooth functioning of your Drupal site

We take care of everything!

Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? We know how important it is for site owners to be sure that all the problems will be solved with the wave of a magic wand - quickly, efficiently, and exactly when necessary. Just relax - our team of experienced problem-solvers will take care of every detail!

Free your developers from support issues

We truly understand developers who do not always have the time and energy to engage in the support of existing projects. So, if you want to be open to new projects, you can safely entrust your existing ones to the reliable hands of our experienced support team!

What about the pricing?

We would like you to stay with us long term and always rely on us when you need it. Therefore, we offer very reasonable prices and flexible packaged solutions. Just choose what suits you best.

Welcome to contact us!

So, you have a Drupal site that requires certain changes, improvements, fixes? A project that has long since come from active development to support stage? Does your long-term client contact you just for occasional and very minor updates? You are looking for a reliable partner in Drupal web development business? In all these and many other cases, you definitely need to contact us. We are looking forward to making your website a perfect place!

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