Related Content Block with Tags

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Hi everyone;

I have an interesting problem.
I try to build some kind of related content block.

Sortly, I use tags as a channels/catagories. For example; there is a content like best Spanish football clubs and this content got three tags; Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atl. Madrid.

For me, this three tags are channels and they got own pages. I try to find related channels with the best way.

I add a image and try to explain there. I give a example with three content.
That i need is last part of image, means counts of tags.
By this way i understand blue is most related with green.. after that yellow. Because many times they have taken place with together.

I am aware of this is unusual method and for this i cant answer anywhere.

Please help me, thanks :)

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Any idea?

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Any idea?

Sorry, even the image is

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Sorry, even the image is confusing, and especially the second section. In general, if you cannot achieve what you need with aggregation, you can do it in a Views template, examining the collection of content returned, reordering, and displaying only what you chose to.