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Improve Tagging experiance between spaces

I am new to open Atrium and developing an open atrium website. I want to give a better tagging experience for users by giving an option to select the related content/spaces while creating. Also want to display the related content in alphabetical order with count. Please suggest

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Related Content Block with Tags

Hi everyone;

I have an interesting problem.
I try to build some kind of related content block.

Sortly, I use tags as a channels/catagories. For example; there is a content like best Spanish football clubs and this content got three tags; Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atl. Madrid.

For me, this three tags are channels and they got own pages. I try to find related channels with the best way.

I add a image and try to explain there. I give a example with three content.
That i need is last part of image, means counts of tags.

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Technical question: Automagically relating nodes of a single content type

Hi Drupal developers,

I'm new to the group and in LA, so I hope this is an appropriate discussion; if not, please point me to the right place.

I have a content type (e.g. Target) which has a title and body. I will have about a 1000 nodes of this content type. I want to be able to create a view that renders not not only the title and body of this type of node, but also associated nodes.

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Taxonomy View Fails to Display Related Content Block

I have created a 'related content' view whose preview (bottom of the 'edit view' page) clearly demonstrates that it is working. When adding this view to a block, nothing renders on the associated pages. This is OpenPublish Alpha3.

Exact same problem as:, but we did not alter the machine name.

We followed the steps in this tutorial: 

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New Featured Content Module

I have just released the Featured Content Module and am getting some good reviews so far.

In order to get into the "top modules" at, I need to have at least 5 reviews. If you have time to install, test out the module, and leave a review, that would be great:

More details about the module and screenshots are here:

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