Email Obfuscation Text Filters

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Arbitrary link text: Does the filter support the use of arbitrary link text? (E.g. <a href="">send me email</a>.)

Implementation: Does this module use JavaScript? CSS? Forms + JavaScript? Replace emails with Drupal forms?

CCK Email Field: Can it be applied as a formatter on CCK email fields?

Module d6 d7 Arbitrary link text? Implementation CCK Email Field?
eMail obfuscator
[Note: Flagged as obsolete, referring new users to SpamSpan.]
Yes No ? ? ?
Graceful Email Obfuscation Filter
Yes dev Yes JavaScript (+CSS?), with failover to core Contact module
May require Prepopulate module in order to support ad hoc email addresses
SpamSpan filter
Yes beta Yes. CSS + JavaScript yes, with Email Field (d6)
Yes Yes No. JavaScript document.write Yes
reCAPTCHA Mailhide (part of reCAPTCHA)
Yes Yes ? Third-party integration w/ reCAPTCHA ?
GTSpam (Drupal 5.x only)
No No ? ? ?