Communication Guidelines for Redesign

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The following guidelines will help keep implementers (new and old) and the Redesign team communicating with each other. Thanks for your participation!

Assignments and Contact Info Wiki

Assignments and Contact Info is a wiki on, meaning anyone logged in can edit it

  • Keep your information up to date, including your assignment status (incomplete, complete, and not started)
  • If implementers join or leave your team, update this in the wiki as well

Issue Queues


Sign into #drupal-redesign (and #drupal-infrastruture for infra issues) on IRC when working on the redesign.

  • Participate in the weekly IRC sprints starting on Friday, Feb 5th from 11AM-11PM GMT. It'll be fun!
  • Share the link to an issue you've filed to seek answers.
  • Communicate with other implementers on things like where/how to get the latest files and what files you intend to work on (if server/code is shared).
  • Schedule availability for future development/collaboration.

Read about Talk with the Drupal Community on IRC.

Groups and RSS

Updating Project Managers

  • Reach out to us in IRC or by email
  • Comment on the issues that you've logged

All of us are here to help ensure you can complete your assignment and find answers to your questions.

Thank you to Arwin Holmes (aholmes), Keith Jay (kjay) and Chris Strahl (chrisstrahl) for getting this started!