Need to learn some theming stuff

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I've been working a lot on back-end/module stuff, that I hardly know my way around the front side of things.

I have a very simple site (my personal site) that I am trying to convert into Drupal. Mainly for training purposes.

I'm finding that I am in need of someone to help me get through what I feel are some simple things, but I've only seen some videos on. However, it's never a real-world type of thing.

Is there anyone out there willing to spend some time with me to open my eyes a bit. I promise, it won't take long for me to get it. I just need shown direction.

Here is the html version of the site I plan to convert.

I've already created a development site on my machine, and am using OMEGA to build upon.

A little assistance would be so greatly appreciated.



Hi Cy, are you able to come

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Hi Cy, are you able to come to the Drupal co-working meetup? That might be a good place to get some help.

Great idea

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I second Kosta's suggestion.