Anyone certify the Drupal Platform for 508?

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Found this discussion and following-up to see if you were able to certify Drupal 7 core for 508 as a CMS platform? Also looking for strategy as to how you kept it certified with core updates and contributed modules and their updates?


508 Refresh

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Someone should be looking at certifying Drupal 7 & Drupal 8 Core for Section 508 as part of the refresh.

I've heard that as much as 25% of the federal USA Gov uses Drupal now so it really would be good if there was someone willing to pay to have this done.

The accessibility of the implementation of Drupal in the USA government is a bit all over the place

Core is just part of the issue though. Some of these sites are quite highly customized with with either contributed modules or custom code.

As far as a strategy, perpetual vigilance is needed, as user behaviour, browsers and assistive technology changes over time.

1) That said, starting with code that you know has had an accessibility review is a great start. Core is pretty good, check contributed modules for known accessibility concerns in the issue queue.

2) Train your staff to see that they understand accessibility issues and that the defaults for your configuration make it easier to create accessible content. We've done several things in Drupal 8 to make it simply easier for content editors to make the right choice.

3 Actively solicit feedback from your users. Ultimately, they are going to be the ones who find the errors you miss and if they report them to you, you can try to fix them. Nobody has a perfectly accessible website.

4) Use automated tools in your workflow to make sure you catch low hanging fruit. Make sure managers know enough about how to use tools like the WAVE Toolbar to see that they can catch simple mistakes.

5) Contribute back to the community bugs that you find and approaches you've used to fix them.

Hope this helps.