Save the Date! Drupal 8 Release Party in Orlando!

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Join Drupal Users from all across the Southeast to celebrate the launch of Drupal 8!

Where: We'll be in the same spot as the FLDC afterparty - the Firkin & Kegler Entertainment Center in East Orlando

What: We'll have tshirts, giveaways, trivia, food to give away, and there will be plenty of beer to drink, too!

When: We'll have the party the night of the D8 release. We don't know when that is exactly, yet, but I would put my money around November 14th.

How you can help: Do you want to sponsor drinks? Help organize? Let us know by posting below!

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Great Idea.

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This is a great idea Mike. We'll have to do a similar one in Chattanooga too.
Any excuse to drink beer & talk Drupal.

Exactly! Make sure you

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Exactly! Make sure you register it with the DA at

Do I hear November 19th?

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Hey Mike,

Is it on for the 19th?

Definitely! Although, we may

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Definitely! Although, we may investigate moving the location and maybe coordinate with FOSSETCON, which starts the day after.


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