November social and Drupal 8 launch!

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2015-11-19 18:00 - 21:00 UTC
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User group meeting

Social meetup at Small Bar.

With only two signups, we're going to re-arrange the DrupalCamp Bristol talk to the New Year.

Also, this week is the Drupal 8 launch!, so we're moving this meetup to Thursday 19th November so that it's the same day as the other release parties. Yay, Drupal 8!


I can't make this,

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I can't make this, unfortunately, as I'll be travelling for work.

This evening

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we've only got 3 signups, and I know that they say 3 is a crowd, but Im tempted to give this a miss, untill more people can make a social - maybe the christmas do ?

thoughts ?

Hi Tim, Ralph and I were

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Hi Tim,

Ralph and I were talking about coming down this evening, if it's not looking likely to happen then no worries and we'll meet up at Xmas.


I think there will be some

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I think there will be some there. but as I havent left the office yet I might be a bit late!

Okay great, I'll head down

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Okay great, I'll head down too. It will be a bit later also. Hopefully not too late :)

... drop by Glastonbury

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if you fancy it we are having a do - welcome to join us!