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Hello everyone. Are there any Libraries using the Entity Registration module for your Event/Program Registration? This is something we're trying to implement on our site in the future, but want to know how it worked for others.


We were thinking of moving to

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We were thinking of moving to that module in Drupal 8, but are currently utilizing the MERCI module with great success. We couple MERCI with the Signup Module for booking specific rooms and then allowing patrons to register for the event.

a project on my github

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I built a room reservation/events calendar that uses entity registration for my last job, but that employer decided to stick with evanced.

There are scripts for migrating evanced data if that's where you're coming from. If not, so much the better.

advanced_events_files is a full drupal installation. There is a word document with documentation in the repo's root directory, too.

I'm using it on a variety of

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I'm using it on a variety of sites with great success. It's a great module and you can create different registration types so adult programs can have certain fields (name, phone, email) and children's/teens can have others (grade, age, etc). I usually ask the departments for all the different sign up options they want before we launch, then all they have to do is select the form when they are creating the event. Works great.

Also, for one special case we used entity reg, field validate, a custom module and the polaris API to create a signup validation that checks for valid card #'s and PINs before allowing the registration.


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