Become a Drupal developer. Local class taught by Acquia Certified Drupal Grand Master

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2016-02-14 (All day) - 2016-02-19 (All day) UTC
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Training (free or commercial)

I am a Senior Software Engineer working at Acquia, who has attained the Drupal Grand Master certification. I teach a career-changing Drupal development course at Debug Academy in the greater Washington D.C. area. I wanted to share that our next ‪Drupal‬ ‪developer‬ class in ‪Fairfax, VA starts this February. The class is part time (twice a week - 1 weekday evening, 1 weekend morning), spans 3 months, and is in person. Apply at our student-built website - the clear path to a new career.

Our last session just wrapped up and our students are continuing to get paid for building client websites we started in class. I'm involved in their job interviews at great companies like Acquia, Taoti, Booz Allen, and more. They're in great shape for moving to the next phase of their career. Every single student from the last class said they are glad they took it, and that they would recommend it to others.

Let me know if you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them.

It's a new year, take the plunge into an exciting new career!


I took this

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And LOVED it. The class reinforced things I already knew but didn't even realize I knew and built new skills in git and drush that just hadn't materialized over the years.

I'd highly recommend it for site builders, newbies, themers who want to do more back end work and folks who really need a refresher if they haven't touched drupal in a couple of years.

Just a minor kind of drupal geeky girl and for the US government no less!

Also took it

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I also took the class and loved it! By the end of the class I had worked on multiple drupal sites and landed an interview with Acquia, who ended up hiring me as a Drupal Developer. Highly recommend it.

Me three

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This was definitely an amazing class. I found myself trying extra things in my free time, getting all these books from the library, wanting to learn as much as I could. It did not feel like 3 months!

Take it if you want to become a Drupal Developer

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I'm an Environmental Scientist. I took this class and in the upcoming weeks, I will be having interviews for Drupal Developer positions. In 3 months, I learned and developed the skills required to change career paths and become a Drupal Developer. Not only is the instructor extremely knowledgable in the Drupal field, but he also has connections to a lot of web/drupal development companies in the area that are eager to hire!

A great opportunity for newbies and pros!

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I am an IT professional with a background in networking and system configuration, and supporting end users. I started experimenting with Drupal a year ago, and managed to "build" a demo Drupal site. However, I wish I've I known about this class earlier. The instructor is a true Drupal master in his knowledge, and his way of teaching. One of his excellent ways of teaching is to present the students with a real life situations, and explaining to them the best way to deal with those situations. Also, we worked on real websites.

Although this is a Drupal class, expect to learn about Git, HTML/CSS, and, above all, team work! I definitely learned a lot, and enjoyed meeting a wonderful group of people whom I now consider to be my friends.


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I am pleased to announce that I interviewed with Taoti Creative last Thursday and was offered a position as a Drupal Developer! This DebugAcademy class ended on December 27th, and I was offered a Drupal Developer position on January 15th. I am so glad that I took this class. I am very excited to start my new career as a Drupal Developer!

Thanks, everyone!

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Thanks for the kind words, everyone; I'm excited to see what you all do with your new knowledge and careers!

If you're interested in taking the next class, there are still a few more spots! We've also seen willingness from employers to cover the cost of the class, as it is highly cost-effective for them to train their current employees in Drupal - it may be worth checking!

If your company is interested in hiring our graduates (we don't take a recruiter fee), you can get in touch at to hear about graduate availability. Many graduates are mid-interviews at the moment, and we are happy to put you in touch with them as well.

And, lastly, if you have a project you'd like our class to work on, feel free to get in touch. Our class aims to always work on 'real' projects, so it is a chance for a 'Drupal grand master' to lead your project's development at a fraction of the cost. Just get in touch here if you'd like to talk!:

IT Software Training Course

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Nice to see the course you are offering I will definitely refer who are very much interested in learning drupal development course. thanks for this awesome post

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