Seattle Global Sprint Day

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2016-01-30 10:00 - 17:00 America/Los_Angeles
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Yes we can!

Seattle will be participating in the Global Drupal Sprint Day on 30 Jan! Details are in flux but here are the basics:

Time: 10am - 5pm (with a likely post-event happy hour/dinner nearby)
Location: Forum One offices in Seattle (building access details below)
Who: Anyone interested in helping out Drupal 8! This event is for never-done-this-before to experienced core developers and everyone in between.

Never posted a patch to No problem, we will have mentors available to help you get setup and walk you though the process. Not a coder? Great! We need people to help with documentation, testing, issue queue cleanup, and myriad other tasks.

The maintainers of the Example and Better Exposed Filters module will be on-hand to review and commit patches to those projects as well as provide help on how to contribute to those and other projects.

Accessing the building

Forum One has generously donated their office space (and snacks!) for our sprint. Because this takes place outside of standard office hours, all entrants must use a card-key to get the elevators up to the 20th floor. There will be someone in the lobby from 9:55am - 10:15am for the morning rush. If you arrive after that, call Andrew Morton (808-443-9176) and we will have someone come down to the lobby to fetch you.


I'm in

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I officially have the hall pass to join in. Can't wait to learn everything I can from the more experienced developers in the room. Who else is going to be there?


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With you we currently have six people signed up -- basically those at the meetup that expressed interest. Keep promoting it to your co-workers and other Drupal devs in the area.


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I have the rooms booked. We'll provide some snacks and drinks too. I think we need to cap ourselves to 20 people, but it sounds like we have room for more so I'll keep promoting.

I've already started to port the form_example module. It's been very educational!

Cool, thanks for the footwork

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Cool, thanks for the footwork on setting things up.

RE: form_example: Check out this issue.

There's a meta for all the D8 ports:

Things we'll learn at the sprint include how to review issues. :-)

Ah, I should have checked for

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Ah, I should have checked for an issue. I'm happy to take a look at what's in there and spend saturday merging my work in. I did start with the multi step form, so hopefully I have good input.

This article was a huge help:

Sign me up!

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I have never posted a patch and I'm not a developer, but with the all-star cast assembled to help me out, how can I say no? Looking forward to learning how to help out--thanks for putting this together.

Looks like I can make it too.

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Looks like I can make it too. See you Saturday.

Building access details...

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FYI: I've added the info to access the building to the event listing.


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