Visualize Drupal & Win Royal Enfield Classic!

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2016-02-01 (All day) - 2016-02-17 (All day) Asia/Aden
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User group meeting

Drupal has evolved into one of the most vibrant ecosystems today, standing as a testimony for successful open-source projects. We have all heard “Come for the code and stay for the community” multiple times but each of us have our own stories of what that means to us. It is multiple stories like this that have made Drupal what it is today. It is time you show share some of those stories and interesting insights about Drupal through visualizations.

Azri solutions presents Developer Contest as a part of DrupalCon Asia 2016. Create interactive visualizations and showcase the story of Drupal that you like. The best visualization wins a Royal Enfield Classic!

Visit for Registrations


We have received more than 30

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We have received more than 30 registrations already for the developer contest. If you are still waiting to register, register yourself today at

If you have already finished working on your visualize you can submit it using the Submit form on

Gokul N K

If there are multiple

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If there are multiple visualizations, then I should submit the form multiple times?

Question for rule 8

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There is a rule:

The visualizations should be visible on github projects pages. If you are building an entire app that requires database you can host the instance on your own server and share the link where it can be accessed. However, the entire database dump and related code to make it work should be added to the code repo.

How hard and binding is this rule? The database is always updating (new information from API) and is huge. Can we just link to a database dump?

Hi Hussain, You can make an

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Hi Hussain,

You can make an index page that will link to the all the visualizations and do a single submission with that URL.

It is better if you can commit the database dump to the github project. But if you think it will be huge, you can just share a link to the database dump.

All the best for the contest.

Gokul N K

some queries

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i am new to drupal...since i need some clarification i gone through the instructions for that we should be prepared the project beore or shoule be prepared in contest only....


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