Looking for another Drupal 7 co-maintainer

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I selected David Rothstein as my co-maintainer for Drupal 7 back in May of 2012. Since then, David has done a tremendous job shepherding the Drupal 7 release, paying very careful attention to the ramifications of any given patch and allowing ample time for "real world" testing before incorporating changes into the code base, ensuring that the code powering 2% of the Internet stays stable and performant.

However, after nearly 4 years of excellent stewardship on his own, David would like to also focus on other endeavors, including Drupal 8. Now the time has come to select an additional co-maintainer for Drupal 7. While David himself has recommended some excellent candidates, I'd also like to open the call out more broadly, to see if there are others who have an inclination and interest.

The Drupal core maintainer handbook contains comprehensive documentation on everything that a release manager does. In particular, the ideal candidate has the following traits:

  • Ample experience building "real world" sites/platforms on Drupal 7, particularly high-performant sites, sites with millions of records, or other edge cases.
  • Ample experience performing detailed and thorough technical reviews of patches, being particularly mindful of their effects on existing sites.
  • Ability to communicate calmly and respectfully when critiquing code.
  • Solid knowledge of Git and the Drupal.org release process.
  • Ideally, sponsored time to work through your employer to maintain Drupal 7, particularly around the first and third Wednesdays of the month, which are the Drupal core release windows.

Please either respond here or use my contact form if you'd like to be considered as a potential Drupal 7 co-maintainer. Thank you!



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Drupal 7 wouldn't be the same without Angie, David, and thousands of other contributors. I always admired his reviews and discussions in issue queues. It's good to hear we will see him more on D8 now.

I'm not sure if it is appropriate to suggest someone without asking them first, but I think Nate "quicksketch" Haug would be an excellent maintainer.

David & Nate

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Thanks @David Rothstein for all of your work! Really appreciate the time you've put into maintaining this. Hard to believe that we're really just at the half-way point for Drupal 7. As a community we're going to be supporting it for the next 3-4 years, right?

I do hope someone as qualified and personable as Nate comes along. I think he'd be great in that he has the expertise, humility, dedication and humour that I think is useful to move along issues in Core.

That said, I think @quicksketch has other plans. :)

Thank you! Yeah, I agree,

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Thank you!

Yeah, I agree, @quicksketch would certainly be a good choice, but he's probably a bit too busy with Backdrop :)

I will do this!

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Hello Drupal Community,

First off I want to thank David that is quite the accomplishment to help maintain this project for 4 years strong. I would guess the next maintainer will likely be the person that maintains this through till the end of Drupal 7.

I have been using, contributing to issues, modules, themes and more for nearly 10 years.

I have experience building "real world" sites/platforms on Drupal 7, particularly high-performance sites (sites using varnish, memcache or wincache), sites with millions of records, and other edge cases.

I am detail orientated, understanding much of Drupal core.

I am always working on this but I do have the ability to communicate calmly and respectfully when critiquing code. Sometimes we have to sit back and realize there are real people on the other side of these screens.

I have knowledge of Git (mercurial, svn) and could become more knowledgeable of the Drupal.org process.

I am the only Drupal developer at my Job (work with many other developers). Looking for more ways to engage within the community. For the most part I am in charge of my own destiny at my job and would be able to schedule time to support whatever is needed of me.

Foremost I have yet to find a technical problem that I am unable to overcome. I am self motivated and constantly look for ways to improve (everything can be improved).

I am not saying I am a silver bullet for this position. I am here at DrupalCon NOLA with my family working towards meeting more people within the community. Knowing that this is D7 maintainer and the future is D8. I am not interested in being stranded on the island, I am one that is willing to put forth the effort, time and hopefully courageous enough to help everyone get off safely.

Last but not least. I am crazy enough to post it here publicly. Dries, webchick, David willing to interview with anyone that needs to find out if I am a good fit. If not, I understand and look forward to contributing back anyways!

Have a great REST of life D7... lol.

I am interested. I would like

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I am interested. I would like to be a maintainer. Please consider me.