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I'm pleased to announce that Scott Reeves (Cottser on has accepted my invitation to become a provisional Drupal 8 committer. He will be focused on front-end and theming.

Scott has been working with Drupal for nearly 5 years, and has a strong passion around improving the theming experience of Drupal. Scott was a major force in the push for Twig and clean markup in Drupal 8 core, sharing both his technical expertise and his enthusiastic community-building to make Drupal 8's theme layer awesome. He helped lead the "Consensus Banana" initiative that solved a long-standing concern with how core provides classes and markup, and then helped add the Stable base theme so that Drupal core could provide backwards compatibility for themes in minor releases.

Scott has organized sprints and discussions at many DrupalCons, including the groundbreaking templating and performance testing sprint at DrupalCon Portland that allowed Twig to become Drupal's primary theme engine. He and others also organized a Drupal 8 Accelerate sprint on security criticals related to the theme system that were blocking Drupal 8's release, engaging novice contributors to fix the issues. Finally, Scott was previously a lead for the Drupal Core Contribution Mentoring program, mentoring dozens of other contributors on IRC, at sprints, etc. He is skilled at evaluating a problem, framing how it can be solved, and helping people solve it. In short: Scott has not only the strong technical abilities, but also the patient and supportive personality to make him an amazing fit for a core committer.

Scott's appointment as a core committer was enthusiastically endorsed from the rest of the Drupal 8 committers. Please join me in helping him feel welcome! And please also give thanks to his employer, Digital Echidna, who have agreed to partially sponsor his community time!


Congratulations Scott!

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Congratulations Scott,

Well deserved!

Thanks for all the fun in the twig initiative,


Congrats, Scott! :-)

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Congrats, Scott! :-)

Congratulations Scott! This

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Congratulations Scott! This is so awesome and exactly what I have been saying core needs for a very long time!!!

Felicitations! Well deserved!

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Felicitations! Well deserved! A great appointment for Scott and a big win for Drupal. Huzzah!

Congrats Scott

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Congrats Scott

Congratulations and welcome!

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I am ridiculously excited to have Scott on the committer team. :)


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You earned it!

Can't wait to see all the

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Can't wait to see all the improvements you help push through pal!


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Congratulations Scott. Looking forward to the future with Drupal.

Congratulations @Cottser,

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Congratulations @Cottser, this will definitely translate into more improvements in the Drupal front-end.

Big day for Drupal

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Scott, I still remember meeting you at a Waterloo meetup in 2012. You've come a long way, very proud of all your achievements in the community, that's impressive! Congrats and keep up the good work!

Woooooot ! big win

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This is awesome sauce :)
congrats Drupal Frontend !

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Keep it up!

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Congratulations Scott
You’ve got the right mix of dedication and enthusiasm. Keep it up!


Congratulations Scott!!

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All the best..:)

Nidhi Badani |

Big day for Drupal front-end

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Congratulations Scott Reeves, Drupal community is going to benefit a lot with you at helm of Drupal front end.

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Congratulations Scott

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Well deserved! Thanks for all you do for the community.


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It's great to see you getting recognition for all your awesome contributions to our community!

Great choice! Scott is

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Great choice! Scott is measured, diligent and has patience like no other.

Go Scott!

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Go Scott!


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Felicitations! A big win for Drupal, this will definitely translate into more improvements in the Drupal front-end.


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Great to see this and confident about some great transitions in front end with time..!!

Better late than never

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Congrats, Scott

Frontender at

Great choice! Scott is

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Great choice! Scott is measured, diligent and has patience like no other

Congratulations Scott!

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Congratulations Scott!

Drupal front-end, me too!

Drupal中国 Drupal China

want to know how has big win Drupal.

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Vote up!
Congratulations Scott,Well deserved. Great to see this and confident about some great transitions in front end with time.