Doug Vann in Columbus OH for a week... What to do?

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Hey all!
Tomorrow I drive out to Columbus Ohio for 7 day 6 night stay.
So, here are some questions...

1] What should I do for the Superb Owl? I really want to catch the whole game. I'll hit a sports-bar if I have to. Maybe someone has a better idea!? :-)
2] Let's do a MeetUp while I'm in town! Who has a place where we can congregate? I see that the Short North Coffee House is now Paulie Gee's. I'm doubting they kept the meeting space in the back. :-(
3] With the Superb Owl and a semi-formal meetup out of the way... Who wants to connect for dinner And/Or drinks? I'm thinking DirtyFranks + 16bit + Drupal Hangout = Awesome-Sauce!

Alrighty.... See you in Columbus!