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I need some additional guidance/confirmation

I am working on some AHAH interactions on a module I am working on I have 3 AHAH actions that I need help "DRUPALising" I know how to do it with PHP but I am working on trying to get better at using the Drupal API rather then falling back on pure PHP

1st I need to find all of the "Node IDs" and "Titles" and return that in to the AHAH JSON event. to find the nodes I am planing on using something like

$result = db_query('SELECT n.nid, n.title FROM {node} n WHERE n.type = '."'node_type'".' and n.status = 1');
$output = '';

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AHAH question

Does anyone have any experience with creating looping ahah events? I can get the 1st set of actions working with out issue but I cannot get the newly created items to be ahah enabled it looks like a running issue with D6 but non of the fixes that I can find seam to work

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