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Lullabot Training Plans Delayed...

During the Social Media meetup at the library I mentioned that my company was considering bringing in Lullabot. We have decided to delay Lullabot training until after the New Year due to budgetary concerns. I don't know at this time if we will open it to non-company participants.

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Time for another mtg?

Am I remembering right that we decided to do a meeting every 2 months? If so, that would mean November 11th, I think we decided to stick to Mondays?

I deas for an agenda.

There was talk of setting personal computers up to run web server, i.e. run your computer as a dev machine. I assume this would be best implemented by a demo of installing XAMPP?

I was thinking something about D6 would be good? Maybe a demo of features, views2, CCK2, OG2, etc...

We could do more site demos?

What do people think? Columbus Public Library? I think Worthington Public was mentioned last time?

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