Job: Drupal commerce site in Erie, PA

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I've had an Erie, PA company approach me looking for a Drupal developer for their ecommerce website. Let me know if you're interested and I'll pass along your info.



Drupal eCommerce Website

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My company is based in Pittsburgh, and we've done a number of commerce sites using Drupal. Please pass along my info - I'd be interested in speaking with you contact.


Damian Hassan

Drupal Commerce project

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Hi Andrew,

our company VelvetDev is а Drupal agency located in Minsk, Belarus.

We have experience in the creation of E-commerce websites including multilingual, multi-domane marketplace (multi-seller e-shop) with hundreds of thousands products, based on Drupal Commerce.

We are interested in new e-commerce projects.

Best Regards
Heorhi Lazarevich

Drupal Solutions Architect / Site builder / Project manager