People building d8 sites...

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To all the people building drupal 8 sites, how are you finding it so far?

How are you working around the fact that some big contrib modules still aren't ready?
Writing your own custom modules, or building simpler sites?

Also, who's going to drupalcamp next week?



Me going

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Me going to Drupalcampldn :)

Am not going to Business Day but will be in London Friday through Sunday.

D8 dev is currently for personal projects and experiments for me at the moment, Paragraphs module along with Core functionality can get you a long way I would say, and doing a lot in D7 at the moment with a similar approach.

Commerce, stable Search API are big missing elements.... but lots of little niggles still elsewhere for example Field Groups work mostly but not on Paragraph entities (which I needed to make a nicer backend).

I wouldn't feel comfortable doing a medium or larger site at moment, unless they understood there could be potential limitations or I decided to 'take the hit' on finding work-arounds or migrating the odd module needed. I wouldn't touch a commerce site right now (unless fairly minor and you could wire in Braintree or similar).

Have some stuff I am working on in D8 that I would like to bounce of a few people if you have 20 mins or so to spare :)

I'm going

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I'm going. Doing a session and everyfink:

Show and tell?

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How many people are building D8 at the moment?

Maybe we should have a show and tell meetup and people can showcase some of their D8 builds?