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The organization that I work for currently uses Drupal, Moodle and Kaltura for its online e-school. I understand that each of these platforms can connect to Google Analytics to bring in data of business value, but what I am wondering is if it would be possible to have all this data come into one area where ALL the data coming from Drupal, Moodle & Kaltura could be analyzed from one space? Is this possible? I am not extremely tech-savvy, so a simple answer using layman's terms would be appreciated.


hi, kaitlyn, of course this

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hi, kaitlyn,

of course this is possible. you need one analtytics property for this. in one analytics account, create a new property with the main url for the website. put this property-id into drupal, moodle and kaltura to measure all data in one place.

then, create a new "view" for this property, name it for example "xxx website data" and set it up just like the "all data view", with same address and add a filter to that view to "include data only from a specific url".

repeat this step for all "parts" so you have:

1 google-analytics account
with 1 property
and some data-views: {all data gathered}, {only from moodle}, {only from kaltura}, ...

so you can watch all data altogether or seperated by URL or platform or something that is applicable for you.

Hi Frank, Thanks for your

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Hi Frank,

Thanks for your response, but I have one more question. For my work I need to report on path analysis. With the solution you suggested will it be able to track visitors and display on one path analysis report showing them moving from one platform to another?


in short: yes ;-) the power

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in short: yes ;-)

the power lies within the "filter" of the analytics-view.

you can define rules to include or exclude things (paths for example) as you like.

Great! Thanks for your help

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Great! Thanks for your help Frank! I will have to try it out...