Reviews and Mentoring for pankajsachdeva

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Hi Pankaj, thanks for

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Hi Pankaj,

thanks for starting this!

I saw that you are not a git vetted user yet. So the first step would be for you to got through the project application process yourself. Do you have any project you are currently working on?

Thanks for reply

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Thanks for the reply @klausi.

Recently I started on my project and soon I will create a sandbox project and will put it into the issue queue.

Meanwhile, Can you please review my Wiki page that what I am doing right/wrong and how to improve my reviewing process.

It will be great.

I'm probably busy helping

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I'm probably busy helping others that are already git vetted users, but maybe someone else can take a look at your reviews here?

Few quick comments. Under

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Few quick comments.

Under current policy, the only things we push applications back to Needs Work for are security problems, licensing issues, and third-party code. Licensing and third-party code are pretty easy to identify, so focus on security issues.

Perfect compliance with pareview shouldn't block an application, and in some cases will show false positives (eg, views plugins).

My suggestion would be to read reviews from active admins and see what they focus on for constructive criticism, and what they block on. Just remember if you are looking at an older review, that under the old policy we would block for duplication and really bad API problems, but we no longer do that. Also find issues tagged with security problems, and see if you can spot them. The main culprits in project apps are

  • XSS from unsanitized output of user input
  • menu bypass problems
  • node access problems

Thanks for nice feedback!

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Hi mpdonadio,

Thanks for reviewing and giving the nice feedback.

I am looking at the security reviews done by GIT Admins to learn more and reviewed the project applications in case of security.

I will try to find the Security issues in the projects.

Once again thanks for review. In future, please provide me these types of suggestions so that I can improve my reviewing process.