DrupalCamp Brighton 2016

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2016-03-07 13:50 Europe/London
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Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

A Friday 17th Sprint Day

Tickets available now, grab yours before they sell out!


We believe that Brighton is a cool place and it is even cooler, well warmer, in the summer!

Having had a resounding success with DrupalCamp Brighton 2015, we have decided to improve upon that for 2016. We've changed the date so you can now have Pimms on the beach inbetween sprints on one of the iconic beach chairs. Or, you can test your luck on one of the penny machines at the pier without getting poured on*.

Our venue has also been moved to City College Brighton, a more central location allowing for better exploration of the vast cultural hotspots throughout the city.

*DCB are not responsible for the UK weather in summer

Proposed sessions are on our website

Do you eat, drink and sleep Drupal? Good, neither do we. But we do love Drupal and you should, too! If you've got something to say about front-end, backend, community, or anything else Drupal related we want you to speak. Submit your session today! Or, when we get a form up for you to do so.

Keynotes on saturday & sunday

Nathaniel Whitestone is talking "Sociocracy & Healthy Power", Jeremy Keith will be talking "Resilience" to inspire and educate us all.

Sprint for the Finish!

Or sprint for the next release. Drupal is built by the community, so that means you! We'll be having sprints all weekend, maybe even longer, so you can contribute to Drupal core, work on contributed modules, and port all of your projects to D8.

DrupalCamp Brighton Sponsors

Are you a company or individual interested in sponsoring DrupalCamp Brighton? If so, we love you!

Without our amazing sponsors an event like this just wouldn't be possible. Not only does your sponsorship help fund this event but it also increases your involvement with the community member. Whether you are a service provider, agency or individual we a various levels of sponsorship to suit you.

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