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[cancelled] Drupal Global Sprint Weekend Q1 2016 - Brighton, UK

2016-01-01 10:30 - 17:00 Europe/London
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I'm sorry but we are having to cancel this event. We are bad. We will do better.

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DCB categories

Hey lovely people,

Just wanted to introduce you to Lizzie (if you don't already know her :) ) - Lizzie has recently moved to Brighton and straight away jumped on board to help us with DCB which is amazing and just what we need. We have had a meeting and Lizzie is going to assign some things for people to do.

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DCB Format

Hey guys,

We need to confirm the sunday format - sessions, sprints and BoFs.

I think we should probably only have a few sessions on the sunday as many people will probably be leaving Brighton that day - but have sessions and BoFs run alongside them? Maybe just do 1 track of sessions.

What are peoples thoughts?


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