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Brighton DrupalCamp Sessions - *Draft* Schedule

I've been working on a draft schedule today as I've had some time due to locking myself out of admin privileges on Drupal Branding and Marketing Committee group which I'm working on - d'oh!

Those who can are meeting up tomorrow - there's another writing club thingy which means we'll be kinda stuck in the newskiff bit again unless we're ok with the pub. I'm happy to save time and discuss on here so more people can join in - there's just stuff to do so ploughing through it so please do let me know your thoughts:

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BADCampUK Sessions - more representation from Brighton shops/indies needed!

With less than three weeks to go until BADCampUK we have only 3 submitted sessions, one of them mine :D

Please over the next day or two submit sessions - doesn't have to be a lot of detail, just an overview. It would be great to see all the Drupal people in Brighton do sessions and show how big Drupal already is in Brighton and connect the community together, and with those who are interested in what this Drupal thing is.

If I had money, I'd offer bribes, but I don't so I won't.

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