Drupal Meetup in Cochin

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2016-03-19 16:30 - 18:30 UTC
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Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

Hello ,

We plan to kickstart Bi-monthly Drupal meetups in Kochi starting March 18th 2016 .

Please do let us know about your availability and if you would like to present something on the day .

You can reach out to vinod.panicker@wipro.com (9995823346) or prathyush.ramachandran@wipro.com ( 9739010194 )

Request you to confirm your participation by email latest by Thursday ,it will help us arrange guest passes for you.


Thats Great!!

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Good to know that we are organizing meet-ups in cochin also.

Rakesh, let me know if you need any help.


How was it? How many

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How was it? How many attended?
Lets discuss this to improve the next meeting.

Need to attend next meetup!

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I missed it. Are we planning any meetup in the coming months?

The meetup was a good

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The meetup was a good starting. There were around 10 attendees. I myself was one of them.

As a start we had some introduction. And we had some discussion on what we could do on meetups, what all sessions we can have, etc. As if now the meetups are planned to be conducted on every 3rd Saturday of each month. Next upcoming meetup would be probably on April 16th.

I will try to attend next

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I will try to attend next meetup. I am from Thrissur.


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