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Hi all--
I'm sorry I missed the March meetup, hope to be there in April!

I have an idea that some of you have worked with video. I need to hire some expertise in that area.

Two years ago we contracted with our local PBS station to do a live-streamed webinar. They broadcast it for us via a Livestream account we set up. We directed viewers to the livestream account where they could view and submit questions for a live chat q&a.

We are going to do another webinar this year but we want to charge a fee. We'll have to upgrade to a premium or enterprise version of Livestream to lock our content. And we'll have to embed it on our site so that we can sell access by user role (which is how we sell our ecourses now). I'm not sure what that will mean for the live Chat feature.

Does anyone have experience with livestream webinars and live chat on Drupal? Any suggestions on where I should look? Or who I could contract with to help me set this up if it's beyond my capabilities? The actual recording will be done by WQLN so it would mean working with their techs to get it streaming on our site.

Thanks so much!


One possible resource. . . .

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Since WQLN isn't Drupal, you may want to contact — they are the Rochester, NY PBS affiliate and are definitely Drupal. If they have done Livestream, maybe they will have more experience on that chat specifics. Aside from that I'm drawing a blank on anyone I know who has used it, unfortunately. Please let us know what you find out, Linda, and good luck!

live Chat feature

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Hello Linda,
you may use these modules to create a Live Chat


Thanks so much for the

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Thanks so much for the suggestions, I will follow up and let you know. We have ti scheduled for October so I have some time...