GSoC 2016 Proposal Review and Selection

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Calling all Google Summer of Code 2016 mentors (and people available to review proposals). Contact me here via my contact form or IRC in #drupal-google if you're interested in reviewing which GSoC 2016 proposals Drupal should select. Since new GSoC web app does not have a rating system, I spent time creating a spreadsheet listing all proposals with a good amount of details about each project. Please note, proposal review is not a quick or easy process.

Proposal Review Process - To be fair, anyone reviewing proposals must review all proposals (~30 total). Community has until April 8th to review all proposals and create a worksheet within our spreadsheet to list your top 10 proposals to select (1st as top choice and 10th as lowest choice). Actual deadline is April 11th, but we need extra days to decide incase of close decisions. Contact me directly for access to spreadsheet and GSoC web app.

Proposal Review Steps

1 - Request access to spreadsheet and gsoc webapp from Slurpee

2 - Review all proposals listed in spreadsheet

3 - Add worksheet within our spreadsheet "nickname's Top 10"

4 - List the top 10 proposals you think should be selected in your worksheet with a reason why for each

5 - Rank top proposal 1st and lowest proposal 10th

Please, do not show spreadsheet to students and do not share any proposal selection knowledge. Google will notify students when they're selected or not.

Available mentors without projects being selected, do not worry, we still need help. Our goal is to team up as many mentors on projects as possible. Our goal as a community is to provide each student as many resources as possible to be successful. Shout out to Lullabot who is providing free access to for all of Drupal's selected GSoC students.


Next, Google Allocates Slot Numbers

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At this point, we're waiting to hear from Google about number of projects slots that will be allocated to Drupal for Summer of Code 2016. Any final feedback about proposal selection is appreciated by end of this week (Friday April 15th 2016).