Mentor Meeting - Saturday, 2 July, 2016 at UTC 20:30

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2016-07-02 20:30 - 22:00 UTC
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Online meeting (eg. IRC meeting)

[Meta] Mentor Meeting - Saturday, 2 July, 2016 at UTC 20:30 in Google Hangout.

To find the meeting ping YesCT or another mentor in #drupal-mentoring channel in IRC. See for the calendar.

Mentor Meta meetings are once a month, usually on the first Saturday of the month, at UTC 20:30. These are mentor meetings about mentoring (hence the "meta"), about upcoming events and ongoing Drupal core mentoring efforts.

Do you want to get involved doing mentoring but not sure what to do? Want to help Drupal mentoring be successful? Join us. All help is welcome:

  • people who can help organize us
  • developers to help us with issues that will effect contributor or mentor experience
  • planners to help with events
  • people with different skills who are interested

Share what mentoring successes and challenges you have had.


Meeting minutes

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  • Alina (alimac)
  • Valery (valthebald)
  • Chris (cilefen)
  • Rachel (rachel_norfolk)

Mentor Business

  • Nothing to discuss

New Orleans Retrospective

  • Actionable items moved to Dublin below.

Milan Retrospective

  • Rachel: “I didn’t see much “official” mentoring going on as a programme at dev days but plenty of ad hoc”
  • Rachel: idea of a room or area in which contributors are open to be ad-hoc mentors
  • We should make mentored activities bigger part of Drupal Dev Days next year (we have more opportunities, more sprint time) - @val
  • This approach not necessarily feasible for ‘cons because of the greater proportion of inexperienced contributors at ‘cons.
  • Valthebald: suggestion of surveying dev days attending about the mentoring experience, expectations... ask on twitter, etc…
  • Let’s make some noise about this next year when DDD is in the planning phase.

Dublin 26-30 September 2016

Mentor dinner funding

  • DA said that it cannot be part of the sponsor packet for Dublin (not sure if it's just too late, or it cannot be done at all)
  • Alimac followed up with Amanda whether this is off the table just for Dublin or doable for Baltimore.
  • Update: DA said they will market it but will not add it to the prospectus.
  • @todo ? A blog post looking for sponsors.
  • Valthebald will ask any sponsors that he knows.
  • Should cost €1200-1500
  • Partial sponsors welcome.

Extended sprints:


  • NOLA Booth was awesome! A++++++++ would like to have a booth like that again
  • Made a big impact to reach out to people
  • Great conversations, great engagement
  • Suggestion: have flyers/printouts with mentor event dates/times/locations, sprint day location/info
  • Alimac mentioned this in the retrospective meeting with the DA.
  • Will there be Drupal store in Dublin? NOLA booth was in the space where the store would have been.


  • Sprint & Mentoring (Rachel)
  • Communications (Alina)
  • Booth (davidhernandez if attending? Will ask, update - will only attend if employer sends)
  • Orientation & Demonstration (Rachel)
  • Novice Triage (valthebald-must choose time/date, bof, sprint room, etc...)
  • Workshop (Brian @todo alimac check with Brian!, Rachel)
  • Sprint Day Room Lead (Cathy)


  • rachel_norfolk

Not sure

  • Cilefen
  • Valthebald (probably yes, but…)
  • alimac

Not going

  • heddn