Mentor Meeting - Saturday, 6 August, 2016 at UTC 20:30

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2016-08-06 20:30 - 22:00 UTC
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User group meeting

[Meta] Mentor Meeting - Saturday, 6 August, 2016 at UTC 20:30 in Google Hangout.

To find the meeting ping YesCT or another mentor in #drupal-mentoring channel in IRC. See for the calendar.

Mentor Meta meetings are once a month, usually on the first Saturday of the month, at UTC 20:30. These are mentor meetings about mentoring (hence the "meta"), about upcoming events and ongoing Drupal core mentoring efforts.

Do you want to get involved doing mentoring but not sure what to do? Want to help Drupal mentoring be successful? Join us. All help is welcome:

  • people who can help organize us
  • developers to help us with issues that will effect contributor or mentor experience
  • planners to help with events
  • people with different skills who are interested

Share what mentoring successes and challenges you have had.



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Meeting notes:


  • Alina (alimac)
  • Valery (valthebald)
  • Jeremy (wingmanjd)
  • Jess (xjm)
  • Matthew (mradcliffe)
  • Mauricio (dinarcon)

Mentor Business

@alimac has moved the mentorbot to a cloud server she manages.

For several months now, there has been little to no attendance at the Core Office Hours. It was proposed to have them less often and probably merge them with the Contrib Office Hours. The plan is to have the Core Office Hours one more week at the current schedule. After that, there will be a public announcement to notify that Core Office Hours will be held only once a month. The automated tweets for the current schedule will be disabled and new automated tweets will be set up to reflect the new schedule.

The Drupal Association is updating the documentation pages at In this process, mentor documentation pages could be re-structured and/or be moved to new URLs. Mentors need to work with the Drupal Association to make sure important page URLs are kept and that mentoring documentation in general is easily accessible. Some important pages to give special attention include:

@xjm will look for an issue from Austin about a contribution guide and d.o and share with @tvn.

DrupalCon Dublin 26-30 September 2016


  • Sprint & Mentoring (rachel_norfolk)
  • Communications (alimac) -- @todo alimac: Find communication co-lead.
  • Booth (dinarcon and mradcliffe)
  • Orientation & Demonstration (rachel_norfolk and dinarcon)
  • Novice Triage (valthebald remotely) -- @todo valthebald: Check if joelpittet will attend DrupalCon and can lead the triage on-site.
  • Workshop (realityloop, rachel_norfolk)
  • Sprint Day Room Lead (YesCT)

Mentor Dinner

The Drupal Association said that the mentor dinner cannot be part of the sponsor packet for Dublin nor future DrupalCons. They will market the mentor dinner, but it will not be added to the prospectus.

The mentor dinner is estimated to cost €1200 - €1500. In case no sponsor is found, the plan is to say there won't be an official dinner and encourage people to hang out in smaller groups to have dinner. Gathering together to play board games is also an option.

Extended Sprints

@alimac will create the extended sprints signup spreadsheet for Dublin.


DrupalCon New Orleans booth was awesome because it had lots of space and places for people to congregate (bean bag chairs). Mentors would love to have the same set up for Dublin, even if it is in a reduced or not-so-prominent space on the hall. @valthebald will check with Amanda if that would be possible. @dinarcon will check if the Drupal Association can provide a monitor to project information about mentoring activities.

Novice issues triage sprint

There will not be a major novice issues triage sprint at Dublin unless previous triage leads are able to attend and are interested in doing it. They are @cilefen, @valthebald, @davidhernandez.