How to create structured content for editors - CCK on the fly

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I have read several posts here about how to get structured content into one node while editing it. CCK is a great and powerful tool but an editor (user) is limited by the way a content type is setup. Yes you can have multiple fields with multiple number of values. And since multigroup is alive again in cck 3 branch this will be much more flexible. What i'm still missing is something like editing a content type (which is done by an admin) - but for a user. Changing the order of fields and putting multiple occurencies into one node.
A user should be able to plug pieces of content together, based of a given set of - lets say - fieldsets.
Take a headline, then a richtext, then an image, then a headline again, etc.
Do you know Polldaddy? If not, go ahead and give it a try just for the interface. Create a survey and edit questions. On the left side are fieldgroups, you can drag and drop them into the content area. Nice!
It would be great to see that with CCK in the future. May be an interface like panels uses it already (drag and drop) could be used to compose a page. With a little help of jquery and ajax. :-)

I have spent the last 12 hours to put together some modules which can probably help to close the gap. It is mostly based on cck/nodereference with popups api, draggable views and views attach. Have a look at this short screencast:

It would be great to see other solutions pointing in the same direction.

cheers, Ronald



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Cool concept! So how did you do it? Are you going to post some code?

Except 4 lines of code for

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Except 4 lines of code for retrieving a nid there is no code at all. :-)
This is still a work in progress. If there is interest i could describe it a bit closer and provide a list of modules.
I would like to hear about similar approaches.

cheers, Ronald

A description of exactly what

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A description of exactly what modules you used and how you set them up would be nice :)

In the meantime i discovered

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In the meantime i discovered some similar attempts: and (not tested yet).
The slickest interface would be quicksketch's form builder, demo:
However, i did another (longer) screencast to show some details.

The screencast is located here:

No audio again but subtitles. I hope they are self explaining.
You can check out the list of used modules at the demo site itself:

Login and try to to build your own article (you will find login information at about page).

cheers, Ronald

wow, that's great stuff!

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I'm highly interested in building such a "workflow" for my own project. The video helped me to see what can be done with drupal but the demo page you've linked is currently offline (

Is there an other site where I can find more information about this stuff?

Some weeks ago, I've started a discussion about a similar issue:

Maybe you (or anyone else who knows how to solve my problem) could have a look at my discussion and give me some helpful tips :). I haven't had time to try the flexifield module and honestly I don't know if this can solve my problem in long term view.

thanks for any help.

best regards.

Just for the record. It's

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Just for the record. It's 2015 now and you probably want to give paragraphs a try which exactly does what i mentioned above. But with entities.