Drupal and amoCRM Integration. Part 2

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Do remember our friends from the DrupalJedi team developed the integration with amoCRM?
They added some interesting features. We will tell you about them today.

Today we will tell you about the second stage of our cooperation with amoCRM.

At the very beginning of cooperation, we decided to make an app for sales department optimization. The first step towards this was the widget, which we'll describe further.

We have developed the widget itself and a special module for it to improve integration with Drupal and help business owners to bring their sales department to a new technological level!

Our goal is to establish good relations between marketing and sales, help to build a complete funnel from the first clients’ click to the transaction. Every businessman should know the value of leads, the cost of new customer attraction and the most effective sources of clients.

Let’s go briefly through the list of Widget module features, which consists of 5 sub-modules:
Page (pages) for the static display of content. It allows you to create widgets based on Drupal.
amoCRM integration with Trello through Drupal. You can create and track changes in the notes in the boards and cards.
3. Integration with Slack. You can create a channel for lead, where you will discuss all issues on this client. You can also assign configured in Drupal messages status.
4. 2GIS. There are two types of integrations. 1) Allows you to search in the 2GIS database by phone or e-mail and upload information on the client's card. 2) Allows you to create a list of companies using keywords in Drupal and create contacts and tasks in amoCRM to these companies. It is needed to purchase a 2GIS reference data API to use both modules.
5. Mail. It allows you to send a letter directly from the contact, lead or company card. It is planned to add the ability to use email templates.

Generally, there are all the basic functions to customize and automate your sales department. All used tools are very flexible to configure. So you can always modify and optimize them as you need!

Moreover, a number of other amo modules are already available on Drupal.org:

Thank you for the attention and see you later!
And a small question in the end: what automation tools do you use in your company? Leave your comments below, it will be interesting to discuss :)

You can contact us by mail hello@drupaljedi.com or via the website.

Drupal and amoCRM Integration. Part 1


Привет) Это ивент ? И когда

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Привет) Это ивент ? И когда будет ?

Привет! Нет, это

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Привет! Нет, это discussion.
Про мероприятия вот: http://vk.com/wall-26642114_259


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