Begin transition to a new career as a Drupal web developer. Local classes starting June 4th.

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2016-06-04 (All day) - 2016-06-09 (All day) UTC
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Training (free or commercial)

I am a Technical Architect working at Acquia, who has attained the Drupal Grand Master certification. I have assembled and taught a thorough curriculum which teaches all that you need to become a Drupal 7 developer, regardless of your background. A colleague from Acquia and former graduate of the class, Malik Kotob, and myself will both be available as teachers in the upcoming semester. The course is offered by Debug Academy and is held in the greater Washington D.C. area.

Our next ‪Drupal‬ ‪developer‬ class will be held in ‪Fairfax, VA starting on June 4, and running until about August 24th. The class is part time (twice a week - 1 weekday evening, 1 weekend morning {Saturdays}), spans 3 months, and is in person. Apply at our student-built website - the clear path to a new career.

As always, students will work on and launch live websites. Students who put the time in during class will also be invited to complete paid work after the class - it is common for students who take the class to make back their tuition by working on projects with their classmates within a few months of the class' completion.

The class begins very soon and there are a few spots available - do not delay if you'd like to participate! I am excited to see what we will build together, and how your career progresses after taking the class.

Let me know if you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them.

It's a new year, take the plunge into an exciting new career!


Looking forward to this!!

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Looking forward to this!! Feel free to reach out to discuss the class!


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I took this class in October 2015, 2 nights a week. Let me just say first that I was a total beginner. I had never done any real coding and I had no idea what to expect. I wasn't sure if I could even handle it, going to this class after work and the extra work I needed to do to keep up. I definitely could. The class was specifically designed for people with busy lifestyles to come out 2 nights a week and learn to code. It was awesome!! We started with HTML/CSS. The other students kind of seemed to have a familiarity with it prior to the class so I felt a little behind but we spent enough time on it that I could hold my own and we established close to the same baseline before getting into the Drupal stuff. incredible. You can do so so much with a Drupal site and different modules, it's amazing. It takes a little to pick it up but once you do, there's no stopping what you're able to do! The best part was we working for actual clients, so it wasn't like Blue Fish, Red Fish, put that into CSS and what do you get? These were actual clients waiting for their site to be ready! So we were coding in an actual work environment, with a much more patient supervisor. Not only that, for every task we completed, it was worth more than our time! Each task that was successfully completed and added to the site was put towards tuition, so that was an awesome additive. I'm so glad I took this class. Not only did I get the proper knowledge and experience to add it to my skill set and possibly a work position later on, I met some really awesome people (yes, I know you guys are reading this. You're awesome :-)) You kind of become, not just a team, but important resources to one another. When I was stuck on something, I knew I just had to open Slack and ask someone and they'd respond ASAP. Same when I would help with something. It's a nice feeling. We were pretty sad when the class ended. We worked so well as a team. That's why I loved it so much. It took the "ugh, I have to go to school" feeling out and put in the "YAY! class tonight!" feeling, where you have actual fun and learn. It sounds corny but it's true! Okay, it sounds super corny but I still loved it. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking to learn to code, get into Drupal 7 or are just bored with their lives and want a break. And no, I don't get paid for this post. Good luck :-)

Farah, thank you

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Farah, thank you for leaving that feedback! It was a great pleasure having you in the class and I'm enjoying working on Debug Society projects with you.

I love seeing the feedback

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I love seeing the feedback from graduates and reviewing applications from those looking to become Drupal developers. We have a handful of applications remaining to review, and there are still 3 spots before we reach capacity. If you're interested in attending the next semester which begins on June 4 in Fairfax, VA, please do not wait any longer to apply at .

Best regards,
Ashraf Abed
Founder, Debug Academy
Technical Architect, Acquia