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The Indian Ministry of Culture has initiated a project to digitise India's libraries and make the content available online. The initiative is called the National Virtual Library of India ( and is is a massive project being executed under the guidance of IIT Mumbai. My Company, UniMity Solutions, along with a few others who are in the Drupal space in India have been selected to build the initial prototype.

The initial phase of the project involves defining user stories - description of what users expect from the virtual library - including feature functionalities, site navigation, search, ability to contribute content (user generated content), accessibility etc.

The primary users are students, researchers, doctors, professionals, and novice users, including educationally, socially, economically, physically disadvantaged groups. We have been asked to reach out to these user groups for their inputs.

I am sure there are many such Global initiatives, would like to hear from you all on this thread to understand similar implementations.

Our initial meeting is on the 24th of this month. Though this is not a deadline, it would be great if you can post your thoughts by then.

Thank you, in advance!

For more specifics on the project visit: National Virtual Library of India (NVLI) | National
National Virtual Library of India. Print . Research, academics and also general users from various sectors are today depending more on digital information.



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Wow, this is awesome! Congratulations @Shyamala!

I wish that the government of China can give Drupal a try like this one day in the near future.


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Wow, It could be great!

I wish for this project gives people go to one step forward to digitalize and also know about Indian Culture in world wide.


Congrats @Shyamala . Let me

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Congrats @Shyamala . Let me know if you are looking for any support on Project Management or from PMI

Congratulations and a minor suggestion

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In working with material such as you describe as the goal of your project I would suggest insuring sufficient time to consider and plan your entity data structures. In addition to that I'd also suggest reviewing available schemas from which you can map to your content via the RDFUI module.

These are several of the steps we've used to inform our building of the knowledge base I work on.

Another issue to consider is the digital assets of your site and how you wish to manage them.

Thanks all for your inputs

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Thanks all for your inputs and wishes!


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